What is SelfE Box?

It’s only the best subscription box in the whole wide world for our girls!  Think of it as self care in a box for the girl who has your heart! 

Can you keep a secret? The “E” in SelfE stands for esteem! Our mission at SelfE Box is to empower young girls through one of the most difficult periods of their lives—GROWING UP! We want to be your partner in her transition developing from a little girl to a young lady. We get how difficult these young years can be, and we are here to help!

 That’s why each month we are sending a special care package to the special girl in your life. 

What will my SelfE girl receive in her SelfE Box each month?

Each month’s delivery contains heartfelt advice from an inspirational teen girl; health, hygiene, and wellness tips and tricks from our editorial team; an affirmation card; motivational activities and of course—gifts.

Each month, in alignment with our personal development topic, SelfE girls also receive specially selected tween and teen-approved items that bring out the fun in each lesson.

Ranging from health and beauty products (headbands, nail accessories, loofas,etc.), to tech accessories and school supplies, each box is specially designed to help give our girls the most important gift of all—the gift of self!

As the subscriber, you’ll also receive an email each month that previews the SelfE Box and offers conversation starters to help you break the ice and talk to your SelfE girl about the topics and trinkets that came in her special delivery!

What age group is SelfE Box for?

Growth and development is a personal journey which varies from girl to girl. SelfE Box was designed to help ease girls through their tween years, roughly ages 9-13, but we’ve had girls as young as 8 and as old as 15 enjoy them too.

If you order a subscription and find that its contents are too mature or immature for the girl in your life, you can cancel at any time. We also ask that you email and let us know whether your girl was too old or too young. Who knows? Maybe we can curate a box for her age group and developmental stage too!

How much is SelfE Box? Can I purchase a single box?

A selfE Box subscription is $39 a month plus tax. Shipping costs are included in the cost of the subscription during the pre-order period.

At present, SelfE Box is only available inside an annual subscription, but as a subscriber you may pause or cancel your deliveries at any time. Please also subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. When single boxes become available, we will notify our newsletter and social media community, and sell them on a first-come, first-served basis. 

When will I be billed for my subscription?

You will be billed for your first box with your initial purchase when you sign up. Subsequent months auto-renew and are billed on the 1st of each month.

I want to subscribe but there is a waitlist. How does that work?

Because we source SelfE Box content in advance, there are a limited number of SelfE Boxes available. When our membership reaches capacity, we open the wait list. When opportunities to order a single box or become a SelfE subscriber opens up, we email everyone on the wait list at once, and orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is SelfE Box available across the globe?

We are currently only shipping within the U.S. but please be sure to join our email list to be notified when international shipping becomes available.

When will my SelfE girl receive her box?

SelfE box ships by the 18th of each month. Orders must be placed by the 30th of the preceding month in order to receive the latest SelfE Box, pending available inventory. For example, in order to receive an April box, a subscription must be purchased by March 30th.  You will receive an email and tracking information once your box ships each month.

Can I pause my subscription for a month?

Sure thing.  To pause your subscription, simply simply log into your SelfE Box account (which is auto created for you upon your initial checkout) and select Pause account.  You may also email us at hello@selfebox.com and use the subject line “Pause”. 

How can I cancel my subscription?

We hate to see you go, but we know that girls grow up and outgrow their girlhood faves! SelfE subscriptions can be canceled at any time. To cancel, simply log into your SelfE Box account and select Cancel. You may also email us at hello@selfebox.com. Use the subject line “Cancellation Notice” so we don’t miss your email.

Cancellations must be submitted by the 15th of each month to avoid being billed for the subsequent month. For example, June 15th is the deadline to cancel before the July billing and shipping cycle begins. If you have already been billed for the upcoming month’s box, your cancellation will go into effect on the following month. No refunds can be issued at this time.

How can I update my billing or shipping information?

You can change your billing or shipping address by logging into your SelfE Box account or by emailing us  at hello@selfebox.com. Use the subject line “Change of Address” so we don’t miss your email. Include the name of the subscriber (the credit card holder), the name of the SelfE girl (SelfE Box recipient), the previous shipping address and the new shipping address.

Please be sure to clearly label the new shipping address so that we don’t miss your email.  You will receive confirmation once your information has been updated.

My SelfE Box hasn’t arrived. I checked my tracking and it says it’s been delivered. Can you help?

Oh no! Please email us at hello@selfebox.com and we will work with our shipping partners to investigate your order. Please use the subject line “Delivery Tracking” so that we don’t miss your email. 

I have a product that I would like to have included in an upcoming SelfE Box. How can I receive consideration?

We love partnerships! Please send us an email at hello@selfebox.com. Use the subject line “Product for Consideration” so that we don’t miss your email.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here.

We’d love to get you an answer! Please email us at hello@selfebox.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP!