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Set aside time with your SelfE girl each month to talk about what she received in her box, the topics that were covered, and her thoughts and feelings about growing up as a SelfE girl! And because we really believe that sharing is caring, we’ll even send you complementary SelfE mail each month, to provide you with a sneak peek into her SelfE Box and a few convo kick-starters to help you break the ice!

Let’s Face it.

Being a girl is hard.

As adults, we want our girls to know that they are beautiful, powerful, and strong. But sometimes it’s difficult to get through. And for girls growing up in a noisy, social media filled world, it can feel nearly impossible.

SelfE Box is here to help!

“I got a brush, and mirror, and clips! Oh, and can you play ‘Brown Skin Girl’? It’s my vibe!”

Soleil Age 13

“I really liked reading the letter from the SelfE model because she understands the things that we go through and the things we have to think about. They [adults] think we don’t have real problems because we’re young, but we do.”

Khalia Age 13

“I love SelfE Box so much. Our girls never get to see themselves prominently featured in tween and teen magazines. They are always the side kick, if they are there are all. I love that this was created specifically for brown girls. There is NOTHING wrong with our girls being first!”

Uyo, mom to Rumi ageAge 11

“SelfE Box is so important because it offers a platform for girls to discover things about themselves that they may be otherwise ashamed or feel too uncomfortable to talk about. The topics covered each month help girls build self-esteem and respect for themselves.”

Mrs. LattimoreMiddle school guidance counselor

“Our girls need this. They are going through changes which are sometimes embarrassing to them, but are also a natural part of growing up. SelfE Box helps make adolescence a little easier to discuss and deal with.”

Demar, mom to Misa Age 10

“SelfE Box is sooo cool! I’m just going to subscribe now and save all her boxes until she is old enough to read!”

Courtney, mom to Clarke Age 5

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